The Most Difficult Person You Will Ever Lead


The most difficult person you will ever lead is not an employee, your staff, or your kids. The most difficult person you will ever lead is yourself. It's so easy to point fingers and blame everyone else. However, as leaders, we must embrace the fact that the bottleneck is usually at the top of the bottle. If we are the leader, the bad news is that we are the lid. The good news? We are the lid! If we raise the lid of our leadership, everyone and everything will get better. 

This means that the most important person you will ever lead is also yourself. The best gift you give to the people you lead is a healthy and growing you. If you are the leader, and you you start to grown and change, guess what begins happen? People around you start to grow and change! If you get better, everyone and everything around you will get better.  

It all starts with the leader. It all starts with you. How are you going to lead yourself to the next level?

The question is: How will you lead yourself to the next level? 

What are your personal growth areas?

What specific steps could you begin to take to grow in these areas?

What are you reading? Who are you learning from? Do you have a mentor? A Coach? 

What is your personal growth and development plan?

Hope is not a strategy. Get a plan for your growth and execute it with great care and discipline. Before you know it, we will look around everyone and everything is getting better.