The Most Important Fix in Your Church


What is the most important fix in our church right now? 

As pastors, we're always hoping to fix our worship services...that means fixing our worship leader, right? That's a tall task. We need to fix our Volunteer systems; Fix our Small Groups and Children’s Ministries. We've given up on the Student Ministry. OK, not just yet, but we're close! This new year we certainly need to fix our finances! Have I covered it all? Does that about summarize it? We’re either trying to fix mistakes we’ve already made, or trying to get everything fixed before we hit a wall. 

In the process, though, I wonder how many of us have stopped to consider this: What if the one thing God wants to fix more than anything else is sitting in our chair right now? What if God wants to fix us? Change us? What if God needs to grow us before He can grow our ministry? We’re challenged by that aren’t we? Because it’s easier to fix everything and everyone else than it is to fix ourselves!

But here’s the deal: I have had the opportunity to be around some extraordinary ministry leaders up close: Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels, Chris Hodges, and others. You know what I've observed? Extraordinary leaders are great leaders, not just of others; but first and foremost, of themselves!

The most difficult person we will ever lead is ourselves. Why? Because it's easier to see the splinter in someone else's eye than the plank in our own. We have blind spots and blind sides. We have personality flukes and flaws and we need help in not only identifying our growth issues but then growing through them. 

The most important fix in our church? We are.

My friend Dave Ramsey says it this way: "Leader, the bad news is that you are the lid. The good news? You are the lid!" Grow yourself, grow your ministry." 

So tell me again: Why would you NOT invest in personal growth and leadership this next year? 

Not enough time? Not enough resources? Can't afford it? Pastor, you can't afford NOT to grow. 

Today, decide on a plan and method for growing yourself as a leader this next year. Set aside time and resources for leading the most important person in the church you will ever lead: yourself! 

Get a plan for growth. Get resources. Get a coach. Get accountable. This could be your best year ever!