The Power of (Positive or Negative) Habits

Habits are powerful. They can be a power for good or hold us back. Our habits either grow or cripple our leadership. The scariest part is that we don’t always recognize our habits and the power they hold. Like culture, habits form by design or default. In my coaching with leaders, here are some of the most common positive and negative leadership habits I see:

Negative Leadership Habits

Isolation: Lack of friends and mentors.

Victim Mentality: Tending to think that we are who we are and where we are because of what has happened to us...when in fact, we are the product of our choices, not our circumstances!   

Responding rather than Initiating: Busyness rather than effectiveness. Doing lots of things rather than the right things. Being a generalist rather than a specialist.

Unresponsiveness: Not returning phone calls, emails, or texts in a timely manner.

Positive Leadership Habits

Discipline: The ability to do what needs to be done even when you don't feel like it. 

Optimism: Glass is half full. Best is yet to come.

Passion & Urgency: Let’s do this...with

Reading & Learning: Every great leader I know has great mentors and coaches to which they attribute much of their success. We are in fact the product of the books we read and the people we hang out with (or lack thereof). Learning leaders are growing leaders. Period.