The Power of Punctuality


To be punctual means that we deliver on time and show up on time. I am a big fan of punctuality. I am almost NEVER late to anything. I know some people who are late to EVERYTHING. Know anyone like that? If you can’t think of anyone, it might be because no one is later than you, and you are that person! With today’s technology, there are just few excuses for being late, but here are a few of the most common:

Our Most Common Excuses For Our Lack of Punctuality:

“I Got Stuck in Traffic.”

Couldn’t you allow time for that? Google maps will estimate your time in advance and calculate your arrival time based on traffic flow!

“My Alarm Didn’t Go Off.”

Do you only own one technological device in your home?

“I Had Technical issues.”

Who doesn’t have tech issues? We can allow time for that, too. If our laptop doesn’t go berzerk this time, frankly it will be the exception. Don’t wait until the last minute! Tech happens! Wow, that would be a great bumper sticker!

“I Got Stuck in Another Meeting.”

You mean you couldn’t hang up or walk out? It’s a free country, you know. If you can’t begin and end meetings on time, you will waste large chunks of your day and week.

“I lost track of time / I forgot.”

Do you own a watch? And with digital assistants like smart watches that vibrate, Alexa, and Siri who can and will remind us, how could we forget anything?!

The truth is that most excuses for our lack of punctuality are simply that: excuses! On the other hand, when we deliver on time and and show up on time it communicates some important things about us to others:

Four Things Our Punctuality Communicates:

Punctuality Communicates Respect.

When we show up on time, it communicate a mutual respect for the other party or parties. They have respected me by showing up on time. If I show up on time, It communicates my respect for other people’s time!

Punctuality Communicates Importance.

We show up on time for what’s important! When was the last time you were late for a movie? A surgery? A doctor’s appointment? A funeral? A wedding? Punctuality communicates to everyone in attendance that this event or meeting or project is important to me. When I am late, it communicates a lack of importance to me and devalues other people!

Punctuality Communicates Integrity.

Jesus even said “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be “No’. Our word should be our bond. If we have to promise and swear to get people to believe we are going to show up on time, then we don’t have a great reputation of trustworthiness. We should simply do what we say we are going to do. Punctuality is a matter of integrity!

Punctuality Communicates Trustworthiness.

Trust is something we earn. Trust is something we build through our track record. When we consistently deliver and show up on time, we begin to gain people’s trust. When we aren’t punctual it hampers people’s ability to trust us with more responsibility! If we are faithful in the small things (like being punctual), we might be trusted with more!

Also remember:

Culture is often created by what we tolerate!