The Pressure of The Pastorate

Wow. I spoke with another friend and megachurch pastor who was removed from his church last week. As a coach and pastor to pastors, it breaks my heart and causes me to lose sleep every time. What happened? Nothing really.  Life.The gravitational pull. Pressure. Pride. That’s what happened.

At the end of the day, the ministry model so common in our day just tends to lend itself for this to happen. One thing is sure...this is us, except by the grace of God. This is us, if we’re not careful. This is some of us if we keep going the way we’re going. To finish well, we will need to fight against the gravitational pull, and beat our bodies into submission!

The #1 mistake I see pastors make? ISOLATION. We don’t mean to. We just get busy. Overcommitted. Overextended. Exhausted. Even numb. After a long week of ministry, many of us just want to go home and binge on Netflix or self-medicate in some other way.

What’s missing in the lives of many megachurch pastors I know? Genuine friendship. Camaraderie. Koinonia. Intimacy. Relationships who are FOR us and WITH us, not just BEHIND us or UNDER us.

What do we need? If there was one value I would list above all others it’s this: FRIENDS. But not just friends. Great friends. Friends we respect and admire. Friends who understand us. Friends who are dealing with what we’re dealing with and understand the pressure. Friends who have walked where we will walk and have the scars to prove it. Friends who will challenge us and hold us accountable. Friends who will finish well with us. This is what we need.

Let’s run the race in such a way that we don’t disqualify ourselves. Let’s finish well. Let’s finish together.  Let’s stick together. Do life together. Bond together. Pray for revival in the Church together. Let’s see God pour out His Spirit in our lives and in our churches.

I am all for the Great Commission; just not at the expense of the Great Commandment. Let’s not just love God. Pastors, let’s love each other.

By the way, this is why we do what we do at CourageToLead. If you need a friend to process through the decisions you're faced with, we are here!  Drop us a line and tell us how you think you might benefit from having a coach. We will be in touch fast!