The Simple Reason Why Most Churches Aren't Growing

There’s a simple reason why most churches are not growing. They have CHOSEN not to do so! Why? Well, courage is a choice. If we choose the safe way and the way most traveled, we simply will not become what God wants us to become.

Why courage is so important: 

It requires courage to confront the brutal reality.  It requires courage to rock the boat. It requires courage to have the conversations that need to be had. It requires courage to place people in the seats on the bus where they can truly help us win.

It requires courage to let someone go.

It requires courage to bring to an end process and programs that are no longer producing the fruit we want to see. It requires courage to care more about who we need to reach than who we might lose. It requires courage to choose to be respected over being popular.

It requires courage to color outside the lines. It requires courage to try something no one else has ever tried. It requires courage to turn down Saul's armor and take the battlefield with a slingshot. It requires courage to be comfortable in your own skin.  It requires courage to care more about what God thinks than what people think.

Why are most churches not growing? They’ve chosen not to. They’ve chosen to play it safe, not ruffle any feathers, and not rock the boat.

Remember this: If you make no choice, you are making a choice...not to grow! I plead with you...don't do that! Be bold and courageous today.

The LORD your God is with you...wherever you long as you go!


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