Three Necessities In Navigating Change


Change breeds anxiety in most people. This makes navigating change for us or with others risky! However, it’s either deep change or slow death. We get to choose! Change is the only positive path forward. How do you stay steady and maintain momentum during these unparalleled times of opportunity and risk? I believe there are 3 things necessary if you are going to both thrive in a culture that changes around you and lead the change necessary to keep your organization thriving. Here are:

Three Necessities in Navigating Change:

1. Perspective

Change inevitable. You are either responding to changing variables around you or you are initiating change within the organization you lead. Change breeds anxiety in most. If you wait until things “slow down” to embrace change, you will be left far behind. Embrace change and embrace anxiety. Grow the threshold of what rattles you and don’t let them see you sweat. Remember, what rattles you, does not rattle every other person. Our greatest choice is how to respond to the world around us. Choose to maintain some perspective!

2. Education

You must keep learning. You must keep growing. Education is one of the great liberators in life. Education used to stop at a certain age. Now, education is throughout life. Read, listen, GET A COACH, ask good questions...keep growing! Remember: Formal education will make you a living. Self education can make you a fortune!

3. Courage

Navigating change means a leader will sometimes need to choose to be respected over being popular. I do it with my kids all the time, because I know what’s best for them! Navigating change is one of the ultimate tests of leadership. Remember: A Leader’s job is not to take people where they WANT to go. A Leader’s responsibility is to take them where they NEED to go. This require courage. It takes Courage To Lead!

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