Three Systems Folders Every Organization Needs


Does what your team agrees on in meetings actually get done? Do people do what they say they are going to do in your organization? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing? If someone is missing or out sick or on vacation, does everything go south quickly? Are you frustrated with one or more members of your team? Most people tensions are actually systems tensions in disguise! Most of us need better systems. Period. Don’t throw your hand up. Don’t throw n the towel. Just get better at your systems!

For a system to exist, there must be:

  • Clarity: It’s not a system until it’s written down.

  • Accessibility: It’s not a system unless everyone has access to it.

  • Accountability: It’s not a systems unless we hold each other accountable for it.

Now: In my experience there are three basic systems folders everything should fall within: A Folder of EXPECTATIONS; a folder of COMMUNICATION; and a Folder for Communication; and a Folder of Processes. Let me explain.

Three Systems Folders Every Organization Needs:

A Folder of Expectations: If you expect it, it must be written down here.

Examples: Vision Statement(s); Core Values; All Job Descriptions; Policy manuals, Performance & Development Review Templates, new staff Orientation Manual, etc.

A Folder of Communication: If we have to ask someone to get an answer, it’s not yet a system.

Examples: All Staff Contact information, Organizational Chart; All Calendars, including all events, “Weekly Day(s) Off,” and Vacation calendars; All Meeting Schedules, Minutes from applicable meetings; All applicable budgets, etc.

A Folder of Processes: If someone figures it out, they need to write it down for everyone else.

Examples: “HOW TO” do everything: Hot to lock up the building; how to operate the security system; how to operate the A/C; How to login to the wifi; Purchase order requests, and anything and everything someone learns how to do along the way.

Once we get most everything written down, and make it easily accessible to everyone, the last crucial step is holding people accountable to working the system. Boom! Many tensions we had are gone!