Today's Fundamental Choice: MEDIOCRE or MORE?

Today I have a choice: I can choose to remain MEDIOCRE. The word mediocre means “To be of moderate quality; not very good.” Well, that’s easy isn’t it? You don’t have to work to be mediocre. You don’t have to be different to be mediocre.  You don’t have to read, learn, study, repent, and grow to be mediocre. You don’t have to sweat and grind to be mediocre. It’s not difficult to stay the same. Mediocre is easy!

There is, of course, another choice: I can choose to become MORE. I can choose to work and read and learn and grow. I can embrace the fact that most of what’s standing in my way is me. I can take responsibility for my growth. I can admit that I am the lid, but I can raise that lid! I can recognize that progress is the greatest form of gratification. I can acknowledge that I feel most successful when I am successful spiritually,emotionally, and relationally.  I can accept the responsibility to become more. I can choose to believe that If I want MORE I must become MORE and becoming MORE is a choice...the better choice!

Today, what will you choose? MEDIOCRE or MORE?