Top Five Fall Resolutions For Pastors

Fall is a busy, harvest season for many churches. People tend to be more spiritually receptive to Christ an connecting with the church. Now is our time! What are the key resolutions we need to make to have a successful Fall? Here are my:

Top Five Fall Resolutions for Pastors:

I resolve to go all-out...right now.

This is a harvest season. It’s game time. Hope is not a strategy. I must do everything I can while the community is most receptive to connecting witH christ and the church. I resolve to recognize that ministry is not a forty hour a week job right now. During harvest time, it’s often sun-up to sun-down kind of work. I resolve to play with a little more intensity until God has done everything He wants to do through this harvest time! I resolve to go all out for people disconnected from Christ and the church. I resolve to go all-out...right now!

I resolve to rest on the heels of this intensity.   

I resolve not to allow this season to turn into a lifestyle. Intensity must be followed by rest. I will still take a weekly sabbath when i cease from the work of ministry. Everyone in my family and ministry also needs to know that this season can’t and won’t last forever. I will find a few days in late Fall when I can get away with those closest to me. I resolve to put a few days of rest on the calendar in late Fall when the intensity has subsided a bit.

I resolve to lead myself first.

I can not wait until “...things slow down.” My own vitality must be a daily discipline. I resolve to keep in mind that self control is a fruit of the Spirit. .  I resolve not to be too busy for personal worship, personal study, coaching, and physical fitness. I resolve to keep in mind that as I go, so the church goes. When I stop learning, I stop growing. When I stop growing, the church stops growing. So i resolve to lead myself...first!

I resolve to work ON IT not just IN IT.

I resolve to initiate, not just respond. My calling is not to put out fires. My calling is to receive the vision from God, envision the future, and cast that vision far and wide. I can’t do that if I am always in the minutia of ministry. I will PLAN MY CALENDAR and not allow my CALENDAR TO PLAN ME.  I resolve to recognize that every ministry is perfectly structured for the results it’s getting now. I will plan time to envision the future, work on strategic processes and structures that will enable our ministry to get to the next level. I will constantly be assessing the Three Gears of Growth: Culture, Team, and Systems. I resolve to work ON IT...not just IN IT.

I resolve to enjoy this season, not just endure it.  

If I am not happy during this season, I won’t be happy the next. I resolve to recognize that this season is not a season to endure. It’s a season to enjoy! I resolve to celebrate even the small wins during this season. I resolve to focus on what we got done, not what we didn’t get done. I resolve to focus on the wins not just the setbacks. I resolve to focus on stories not just numbers. I resolve to pick a date now when I can celebrate what God has done during the harvest season, with my team and those closest to me.  In the meantime, I resolve to recognize that this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad...IN IT.