Truth AND Grace

When Jesus came along two thousand years ago, His character and His posture toward people can be summed up with two primary words: 

"We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son,

who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14 NIV

Now I know somepastors who are just FULL OF IT, but that's not what I'm talking about!

If our lives, ministries, and churches are to be marked by the character and posture of Jesus, our ministries should by full of two primary components: GRACE and TRUTH. 

Both are equally necessary. Both must be held in tension. Both must be in balance.

Truth without grace or grace without truth makes our ministries out of balance. 


Truth without grace is mean spirited. truth without grace beats up on people. 

Truth without grace lacks love.  

Too without grace repels people away from Jesus. 

Truth without grace tends to try to scare the Hell out of people...literally! 

Truth without grace ceases to be the Gospel because the Gospel is Good News!

GRACE WITHOUT TRUTH is also wrong. 

Grace without truth lacks honesty. 

Grace witout truth chooses not to confront sin.  

Grace without Truth is being nice at the expense of being real.   

Grace without truth waters down the Gosel. 

Grace without truth eventually ceases to be the Gospel because it ceases to point people toward: the WAY The TRUTH, and the LIFE!

HERE'S THE GREATER CHALLENGE: most of us tend to tip the scale toward one or the other.

Most of us tend to be more of a TRUTHER...or a GRACER!

What's your natural tendency? Your answer reveals where you need to become more like Jesus!

What does your ministry need more of? MORE GRACE? or MORE TRUTH?

Our preaching should be full of both grace and truth.

Our conversations with others should be full of both grace and truth.

Our conversations with trouble making church members should be full of both grace and truth.

The way we lead our staff should be full of both grace and truth.  

Are you getting the picture? Being like Jesus is being full of both TRUTH AND GRACE!  

So today, ask Jesus to help you become more like Him by balancing TRUTH... with GRACE!