Values Come Before Goals

With all this talk about goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions, I thought it was important to clarify something very foundational when it comes to goal setting. The question we must also answer is “Why do I want to accomplish this goal?” Does accomplishing this goal take me where I want to go in the larger scheme of things? Answering the Why question also provides us the motivation we need to keep going when pursuing the goal becomes difficult or experiences a setback. Values that drive our decisions should be processed through before we begin setting goals that may or may not take us where we REALLY want to go! 

Determine your core values.

(Relationships, Relationship with God, Making a Difference, Success, Financial Security, Fitness, Health, Significance, etc)

Determine the most important thing.

If you had to get one thing accomplished this next year what would it be? What one thing would make you feel successful one year from now? If there’s one thing you want to be said of you at the end of your life, what would it be? What would you wish your tombstone to read? What is priority #1 to you? More goals should be focused in this area!

I say in my book Be Mean About The Vision that “When we forget WHY we do WHAT we do we will eventually lose our passion.” This includes the goals that we set!

Do you want to be successful in your resolutions this next year? Think values before goals. Thinking WHY before WHAT can help you nail those goals and resolutions this next year.

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