A Vision We're WIling To Die For...

Here’s the good news. We don’t have to invent a new vision. We just have to discover it. If vision is actually something that’s revealed to us by our Creator, then we just have to wrestle with Him until we receive it clearly from Him. That’s what Jacob did. If you are familiar with the saga of the Bible, you know that God’s chosen nation, Israel, was named after a man named Jacob. The name Jacob means “deceiver,” and for the first part of his life, Jacob lived up to his name. He spent the first half of his life trying to deceive, manipulate, and strategize his way to success. One night, however, all that changed. The story is found in Genesis 32. Jacob found himself in a wrestling match with God (or at least a messenger from God). He wrestled all night, and Scripture tells us that during the struggle, Jacob refused to let go until God blessed him.

Think about it: Jacob would not stop wrestling with God until God revealed His vision and promised to fulfill His vision for Jacob’s life! And God did bless him. Everything great in Jacob’s life started with a holy wrestling match over the vision. That’s powerful.

The same is true for us. We must be willing to wrestle with our Creator until we know He both reveals and promises to fulfill His vision in and through our lives. That moment will change everything for us. That moment will allow us to stay true through the disappointments, the setbacks, the attacks, and potential hijacks of the vision in our lives and organizations. We need to know that we know that we know that God has spoken to us and we must obey at all costs! That’s a vision we’re willing to die for.