Waiting on God To Grow Our Church

Many church leaders are waiting and hoping that God will step in, breathe on their church, and allow it to grow. At times, it is even tempting to question God, His goodness, and His power, if such growth doesn’t come. However, while we’re waiting on God…

What if God is waiting on us?

What if God is waiting on us to be ready for the growth?

What if God is waiting on us to grow?

What if He is waiting until our character and skills are prepared for the new growth?

What of God is waiting on us to be spiritually prepared for the growth?

What if God is waiting on our leaders to grow?

What if God is waiting on our discipleship systems to grow to the point that we can be good stewards of new growth?

One thing is for certain: God will never send more people to our church than we can effectively steward. 

We shouldn't presume on what God will do, but we should be prepared for God could do.  

Remember the story of the widow’s jars of oil in 2 Kings 4?  She had been waiting on God to deliver her from the throes of starvation. God’s promise: “Bring as many jars as you can find and I will fill them.” When the jars she had found and prepared were filled, the oil stopped flowing.

Would you love to see God pour out His blessing on you and your ministry today?

Could it be that even though you are waiting on God, He is waiting on you?

How do you and your Leadership Team need to be better prepared for God to pour out his blessing on your church?


Shawn Lovejoy is Founder & CEO of CourageToLead.com. He loves coaching leaders through what keeps them up at night. He's been doing so since 2003. He's been married for 24 years to the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, and has three teenage kids that are his world.