What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? More often than not, courage is needed in dozens of small everyday decisions that we make that make a big impact over time. One of the boldest, craziest moves I’ve made in the last few years was to go Vegan. I have learned to love quinoa, kale, and even spinach smoothies ­ and let me just tell you that that took some courage! 

Most of us recognize those times in our lives when we’re being led to do something crazy and scary. Thus, we need courage. In the Bible, perhaps no one exemplified courage more than the shepherd boy who took on a giant. His name was David. Enter Goliath: the giant among giants, standing anywhere between 6’9” to 9 feet tall. Here’s a giant that’s so big and scary it causes an entire army to shrink back in fear. We all know what that’s like because we’ve faced a giant or two in our day. 

I love what the great theologian John Wayne once said. He said, “Courage is being scared out of your mind and saddling up anyway.” Having courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid. Courage is doing what we’re afraid to do. Because on the other side of every fear conquered is a breakthrough in our lives. 

Everyone else at the Israelite camp viewed Goliath as the scariest giant they had ever faced. David saw an opportunity. Fear is not the enemy of courage. It’s the invitation. David steps out with his slingshot and five stones. He strikes the giant down in one shot. But what happens next is even greater.

Courage often comes in realizing that God has already given us the victory. We just have to go up and seize it! I know we’re all afraid of failing, but the truth is that the greatest failure is the failure to ACT because of fear. Don't let that be you. What are you afraid of? That’s your invitation. This giant? It's an opportunity. So grab your stones...and take the battlefield.