What are Your Blind Spots?


If you’ve ever driven a vehicle you know that every vehicle has “blind spots.” Angle or areas where our view is obstructed from potential hazards.

The same is true in our leadership. Every leader I have ever met has a few blind spots: areas of our lives that we don’t yet recognize that could pose potential hazards to our growth, leadership, and influence.

Do you know what your blind spots are? I promise you don’t. The very idea that they are called blind spots means you don’t see them yet! If you already see that spot it’s not a blind spot, it’s now just sin!

So how do we locate our remaining blind spots?

On vehicles, mirrors surround our vehicle that assist us in minimizing our blindspots. They help us locate potential hazards that might elude the naked eye.

As leaders, we need other people with outside perspective to look into our lives and help us recognize the blind spots we have yet to recognize.

Who are your mirrors?

Who have you surrounded yourself with to help you find your remaining blind spots? Who is helping you recognize potential hazards to your leadership?

One of the great values to maintaining a coaching relationship in our lives is having someone: who isn’t just our buddy, who doesn’t work for us, and isn’t enamored with us... help us locate our remaining blind spots!  In doing so, we minimize the danger we pose to ourselves and others, and enhance our ability to help everyone safely arrive at our destination!