When Should You Leave?

There will be times when the pain is so difficult you want to give up. I plead with you not to do it. Don’t ever leave just because it’s hard. Don’t retreat with your tail between your legs. Don’t quit after a big loss. Don’t quit just because someone else thinks you should.

When should you quit? When is the best time to step down? When there’s absolutely no reason to leave. You leave when things are on a high note. Leave when everything’s clicking. Leave when there’s no drama— when no one expects you to leave, when no one wants you to leave.

Stay the course until things are going well, and only then think about what’s next. Once you’ve begun a change, it is your responsibility to see it through to the next high note.

One of a leader’s greatest legacies is leaving behind a healthy, thriving organization. Leave when it’s healthy again. You’ll be glad you did. 


Need help in navigating this tough spot? This is why CourageToLead exists! Drop us a line and let's talk about how we might coach you through this! 

FYI: If this strikes a chord, I devote an entire chapter to this subject in my new book  Be Mean About The Vision: Preserving & Protecting What Matters.

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