Who is really FOR you?

Over the course of my life and calling, I can think of thousands of people who were BEHIND me. They supported me. They cared about the health, success, and growth of my life and calling...from a distance.  Honestly, however, I can only think of few people over the years I felt like were FOR me! Here’s what I mean:

Someone FOR you is CONVENIENT to you.

They are available. They are accessible. They are the person you can call at 2 AM if need be. Not only are they on your speed dial; they answer the phone when you call!  They are convenient to us!

Someone FOR you will CELEBRATE with you.

No need to feel apprehensive in bragging to friend that’s FOR you. This kind of friend knows your heart and knows the difference between boasting and celebrating with a friend.  When you have a great day or accomplish a big goal, who can you call and celebrate with? That’s a friend that’s FOR you.

Someone FOR you is CHEERING for you.

Truett Kathy, founder of Chic-Fil-A, once said that “No one ever died from too much encouragement.” Who do you have that encourages you? Scripture commands us to “spur one another toward good deeds” (Heb 10:13). Do you have someone who is cheering you on?

Someone FOR you will CHALLENGE you.

A friend that’s FOR you is not so enamored with you that they won’t challenge you. Proverbs tells us that “Wounds from a friend can be trusted” (Prov 27:6).  Friends that are FOR you know that we are all better when we challenged by these we know and love. A coach challenges an athlete so they might help them squeeze every ounce out of their God given ability. I believe we all need someone to challenge us to do just that.  

Do you have someone FOR you? AT COurage To Lead, we love being that person who can be FOR you as you become what God wants you to become and do what God has called you to do.

We would love to be FOR you!

Drop us a line and tell us how we might be that for you.