Why "Just Trust Me" Doesn't Work With Me

I’ve heard it from my teenagers. I’ve heard it from team members. I’ve heard it from Politicians, CEO’s, Pastors, and other leaders. “Why won’t you (they) just trust me?”

Does that bother anyone besides me? 

To encourage you, I for one will never “just trust” someone. Why?

I believe trust is something that we earn. Trust is  something we build. People around us should demonstrate their ability to be trusted before we go all in with our trust. Believe the best about people, but don’t just blindly trust people. Blind trust people can get you broke, hurt, or even killed!

Of course, we are commanded to trust God… to have faith in Him. But if anyone has earned the right to be trusted, it’s God. He has always been consistent. He has always been faithful. He has modeled the way consistently. He has earned the right to be trusted!

How do I follow His example? Earn the right to be trusted in my relationships with others.

I don’t want people to follow me because I’ve ASKED them to trust me. I want them to trust me because I have earned it. Leaders, we should always do the same.


  • Never tell someone “Just Trust Me.” If we have to say that, we haven’t earned it.
  • Trust is earned. Trust is built. Trust can be broken, but trust can be re-earned and rebuilt!
  • When we come into a new position, we shouldn't turn everything upside down right away. We should earn the right to be trusted with change first.
  • If we have broken someone’s trust, we should be willing to earn it back over time, and be patient with that process.
  • Be consistent in your words and actions. Do what you say you will do. Practice what you preach. Consistency earns trust quicker than anything.
  • If someone has earned the right over time through consistency of life and leadership, trust them!