Why Most Churches Are Not Growing

Don’t overcomplicate it. There's a reason why most churches aren't growing. There are only THREE GEARS of GROWTH: Culture, Team, & Systems. I got this idea out of this cool best selling book...called the BIBLE. When you have a few, go back and read Acts 2:42-47, the foundation of the early church. What did they have going for them that allowed them reach thousands for Christ and ultimately change the world? The Three Gears of Growth! 


The early church called it koininia. They shared an intimacy, a oneness, a unity, and a life-giving environment that everyone outside the church looked at and said “Wow, we would love to be part of something like that.”  We must be the culture we want to build. Healthy leadership is a component of culture. Our Vision and the Values are also both components of the Culture. One of our chief responsibilities as a leader is to be a CULTURE ARCHITECT. Culture is built either by DESIGN or by DEFAULT.


Jesus didn’t simply select a team, He selected a great team.

In a lot of preaching I hear these days, Pastors don’t give the early disciples enough credit. We often depict them as this blue collar, ragtag group of fishermen and sinners that couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paper sack! However, the apostle Peter (filled with the Holy Spirit) preaches his FIRST SERMON and THOUSANDS give their lives to Christ. Trust me, that requires a high level of giftedness! Peter is just one example. The early church leaders were bold, courageous, relentless,tenacious, empowering, go-getters! If we want to build a great organization, we must build the same kind of team of leaders around us.  


In the early days of the early church, thousands of new people are joining the church, and largely without a lot of anxiety and pressure within the church. Everyone knew what their next spiritual step was. Worship gathering, small groups, service, and mission. The church was committed to a simple disciple-making process that moved people from where they were to where God wanted them to be. That’s what a system is and does. A system is a BRIDGE that moves things and people from where they are to where God wants them to be. When it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission through the church, we need more than good intentions. We need good systems.

These THREE GEARS of GROWTH are SEPARATE but INTERDEPENDENT GEARS. If ONE is STUCK, WE are STUCK! If we can get our weakest gear moving more readily, the whole engine begins to move more rapidly!

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