Work Hard, Play Hard


One of the things I love to ask a leader is “What is your hobby? What are you passionate about besides work?” I am always concerned about a guy (or gal) that says: “My job is my hobby!” When I hear a leader say this I think to myself: “Get a life (and a coach)!” Even for those of us who aren’t that extreme about our work, many of us would still confess to working or thinking about work virtually every waking moment of our lives. Does that describe you? Do you work or think about work all the time? If so, you may be inhibiting your success more than you realize...and you need to get a life! 

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Have you ever heard of the law of diminishing marginal utility? This law simply states that: consuming one candy bar may satisfy your sweet tooth, but If you consume a second candy,  the satisfaction of eating that second bar will be less than the satisfaction gained from eating the first. More of a good thing won’t satisfy more. It will actually satisfy less. You can have too much of a good thing.

Work and Passion

If you are working or thinking about work all the time, it’s literally sucking the passion out of you. It’s zapping our creativity!  It’s less satisfying and gratifying if you are never away from it physically or emotionally. Don’t get me wrong: I believe everyone should work hard: work 50-60 hours a week if you want. Rob your sleep rather than rob your family. I talk more about that in this post.

Be Where Your Feet Are

I don't believe in balance. It's impossible to give equal focus and attention to working hard AND playing hard at the same time! We need to work hard. But then...go PLAY HARD. Maintain set times daily and seasons annually when you place all your focus and energy on something else: Your family, your church (if that’s not your job), a hobby like golf, tennis, college football (hallelujah), hiking, running, racing, or having the best landscaped yard in the neighborhood (there are contests for this sort of thing, you know). You get the picture. Get passionate about something besides your work. Turn work off every day at a given time and focus on those closest to you. Be where your feet are! 

Like The First Candy Bar

Guess what happens when we live life in rhythm and we keep our focus where our feet are? Life becomes like that first candy bar: Extremely gratifying and fulfilling!

So go...get a life. Work hard...but play hard!