Yes, You Are The Lid


What do you want first... the bad news or the good news?

OK, let’s start with the bad news. If you are the leader, the bad news is that you are in fact the lid.

Your organization will only go and grow as far as your willingness and ability to raise the bar for yourself and grow as a leader. There’s no need to finger point. Everyone else and everything else is not the problem. You are. You are in fact the lid!

OK, are you ready for the good news? If you are the leader, the good news is that you are the lid!

If you can simply raise the lid on your leadership, you will free the entire organization up to grow! If you raise your lid, you raise the lid for your entire organization! You must read. You must learn. You must grow. You must surround yourself with leaders who have been where you want or need to go.  If you want your team or organization to grow, you must grow. As you go and grow, so grows and goes the organization.

The skill you have now is not sufficient for the next level. You must raise the lid. TWEET

Doesn’t this simplify everything? You need not worry about all the minutia you’re dealing with right now in your organization. Don’t worry about all of the complicated people issues and other tensions. Just get focused on growing personally. Lead yourself first. Focus on personal development. Develop a growth plan. Become more disciplined Become more focused. Change the way you think. Stop being a do-er and start being a developer. Get a coach! If you get better, sooner or later... the organization will get bigger... because you have raised the lid!