You CAN do this...but it won't be easy.

In the privacy of our own minds, some of our chief questions have to do with the doubts we have about our own capacity:

“Can I do this?” 

“Am I good enough?”

“Am I up to the task at hand?”

Today, I have the answer to your questions. You CAN do this...but it won’t be easy. Why? The easy path is the path everyone else takes.

It’s easy to stay up late and sleep late.

It’s easy NOT to read.

It’s easy to read EMAIL.  

It’s easy to surf the web.

It’s easy watch other successful people on TV and social media.

It’s easy to wait until things slow down.

It’s easy not to be good with numbers or details.

It’s easy to let myself go.

It’s easier going to a conference, than apply it.

It’s easier to talk about a situation than confront it.

It’s easier to react, than initiate.

It’s easier to be tactical, than strategic.

It’s easier to work IN IT than it is ON IT.

It’s easier to DREAM than it is to PLAN.

It’s easier to DO IT rather than DELEGATE IT.

It’s easier to be AVERAGE at lots of things rather GREAT at one thing.

John Maxwell, NY Times Best Selling author has said: “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” One of my coaches recently told me: “Shawn to go where you want to go, will NOT be easy...but it can be done.” His words haunt me. I do not want the easy path. I want the successful path. How about you? 

You can do this...but it won’t be easy. So stop doing the easy thing. Stop taking the road most travelled. Start doing the difficult thing. Start doing what can bring the greatest return on investment. 

Start paying the price. Make the tough call. Confront the brutal facts. Prioritize. Delegate. Learn. Read. Grow. Get a coach. Get a plan. Get accountable. 

You can do this! But it won’t be easy.

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 Your Friend and Coach, 
Shawn Lovejoy