1:1 Legacy Coaching

Pair with an Executive Coach who will provide a unique perspective, helping you and your organization achieve growth and health. 

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It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.

The decisions, the challenges, the uncertainties — they can all take a toll. With a dedicated coach by your side, you no longer have to navigate alone. Your coach becomes your confidant and your strategic partner. They're there to listen, to provide a fresh perspective, and to help you unlock the fullest potential. Together, you'll conquer challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and fine-tune your team and leadership. 

Scale For Healthy Growth

Using what we call the, "Gears of Growth," your coach will help pinpoint the areas that need attention within your organization so you can gain & sustain momentum. 

Culture: The place you work.

Systems: The processes you use to get things done. 

Team: The people.

When all of these "gears" work in alignment, you'll go further, faster

Your 1:1 Legacy Coaching Snapshot

Monthly Meetings

Our coaches meet with their clients one-on-one every month virtually via Zoom.

A Real Relationship

Your Coach will be on retainer for the length of your coaching relationship. Call, text, or email anytime and receive a response within 24 hours. 

On-Site Visits

Your Coach will spend one half-day onsite every six months to work with you and your team. 

Digital Dashboard

As a client, you'll have unlimited access to our Digital Resource Library. Use these virtual training modules, downloadable documents and worksheets for personal training or with your team. 

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