What is success?

Will you know it when you see it?

Shawn Lovejoy has seen false measures of success do damage in his own life and has lived to tell about it. He has since radically recovered and rediscovered healthy leadership and leading healthy organizations.  He has spent nearly two decades now helping thousands of leaders do the same.

How can you lead yourself to the next level?

Will you know when you get there?


Chapters Include:

  • The Wrong Measures of Success

  • The 3 Dangerous Drivers of Leadership

  • How Do The Mighty Fall? Like I Did

  • Debunking The Myth of Balance

  • The Most Forgotten Measure of Success

  • Success is Spelled Team

  • When We Feel Like Quitting

  • Critics, Criticism, and Haters

  • Hope is Not A Strategy

  • Leading Yourself To The Next Level

  • Climbing Ladders That Matter

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