If we have it, we're terrified of losing it.

We know deep down that we are not as good as we look. Momentum is helping us hide our flaws that could bite us in the long run. If we could identify and address these flaws, we could not only maintain our momentum longer, but maybe never lose it. If only there was a way to help us maintain the momentum we have. 

If we don't have it, we'd do anything to get it. 

What's holding us back? Is it our Culture, Is our Team? Is it our Systems? If we could identify our weak link(s), we could build an attack strategy to shore up our weaknesses. If we could get our weakest gear moving again, it could create momentum! If only there was a way to know we could do that. 



Protecting The Momentum We Have.

Producing The Momentum We Need.  

The Momentum Audit© Contains Five Key Components: 



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One of our Momentum Coaches will make contact within 24 hours of your inquiry to schedule a video call. It’s paramount in our process to get eyeball to eyeball to discuss what are relationship is going to look like moving forward. Our coach (a practitioner in your field) will facilitate a conversation with a strategic set of questions to familiarize themselves with your current context. This is be a crucial piece of the Momentum Audit. 


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This offering seems pretty straight forward, but let me explain what kind of data we will be aggregating. At CourageToLead we believe that most of our issues orbit around 3 areas: CULTURE, TEAM & SYSTEMS. We have a series of constructs that will help us discover your overall organizational health as it relates to these 3 areas.


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The tools that we pull together and pull out during our ONE DAY ONSITE will bring most of what we need to know toward the surface. Our guiding principle during this time is to help you discover what’s producing your momentum, identify threats to your momentum, or identifying what's keeping you from the MOMENTUM you need!


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Years ago a leader was just a leader, but through various studies we’ve discovered that there are different types and styles of leadership. In other words, we are all wired differently. That’s a great thing, but most don’t see it that way. We will help you evaluate every leader in the room with a personality and strengths profile and then help you interpret the results. This is going to help you identify:  (1) Gaps or voids within your organization; (2) Leaders that are in the wrong seats;  (3.) Leaders that are on the wrong bus! By the end of our time together we will be able to draw profound conclusions related to structure and staffing.


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It’s EASY to point out problems. Chances are you probably already have someone on your team doing that! It’s HARD to come up with solutions that solve them. Our extensive report will cover in some detail: "(A.) THE CHALLENGES are XYZ (B.) THE POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS ARE…" We will affirm and/or help you discover what the issues are and prescribe practical and tactical advice to help you navigate your way out of the issue. This report will help you protect the Momentum you have or produce the Momentum you need! 


You need more than perspective. You need more than inspiration. From here, you must execute. You need accountability. You not only need to know WHAT to do. You need to know HOW to go about it. You need to do the right things the right way. You need coaching. We would love to help. We can explain what it looks like for us to coach you and your team through this next season while you seek to implement everything you have learned.  We can provide permission, perspective, and accountability while you execute the plan. If we execute well during this season, sustained momentum is almost certain. 


Get the Momentum Discussions Started TODAY! 


In This 7-Module VIDEO COURSE You Will Learn:

Module 1: How To Assess Your Organization's Health. 

Module 2: How To Design A Healthy Culture.

Module 3: How To Align Everyone Around The Vision.

Module 4: How To Build A Healthy Team. 

Module 5: How To Deal With Conflict. 

Module 6: How To Build Simple Systems That Work. 

Module 7: How To Lead Ourselves To The Next Level. 

Comes Complete with OUTLINES & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS For You AND Your Team!