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Episode 005: Creating a Culture of Passion + Urgency

One of the top questions we are asked by leaders is, “How do I keep a sense of urgency among my team? What are some steps to keep the levels of passion high?”The simple answer is: Create a Culture of Passion + Urgency. Don’t just treat it when it’s lacking, fuse it into the life-blood of your DNA. In this episode, Shawn Lovejoy walks you through HOW to ensure your culture is one filled with passion + urgency.

Episode 004: Leading Change Without Blowing Up Everything

Change is inevitable. You are either responding to changing variables around you or you are initiating change within the organization you lead. In this episode Shawn sits down with close friend, and CourageToLead.com Coach, George Davis. Their conversation teaches how to institute change in a healthy way. George lives in Jacksonville, FL where he leads twelve Impact Church locations across the East coast, Texas, and PERU. During a period of plateaued growth, George led Impact Church through major strategic and stylistic change resulting in exponential growth.

Episode 003: How to Build a Culture of Honor

Honor is not accidental. Honor is intentional. When there is a culture of honor in your organization, ministry, family, marriage and relationships...people are valued and everyone thrives. Join Shawn as he encourages you to build a culture that believes the best in people, communicates in positive ways and adds value to anyone who encounters it.

Episode 002: 3 Gears of Organizational Growth

Why do organizations get stuck and stop growing? Shawn Lovejoy highlights 3 reasons organizations stop growing...and gives you the tools to get unstuck in each one. Join Shawn as he unveils the framework of the 3 Gears of Organizational Growth. 

Episode 001: 5 Ways to Grow Yourself as a Leader

Why do leaders stop growing? Shawn Lovejoy highlights one of the most overlooked areas among leaders...personal development and growth! Join Shawn and get a step-by-step plan to develop your life and leadership.