Pastors: The #1 question we must answer is...

Ministry is one of those things that never gets figured out. Every day, we wake up to countless questions rolling around in our heads: Who? What? When? Where? How? WHO do we need to hire? Who's going to fill this slot? Who could we possible recruit? Who are we going to have to let go?

WHAT is the next step? What is God up to here? What are we going to do about this?

WHEN should we pull the trigger? When will things slow down? WHEN will we come out of this?

WHERE should we plant? Where should we look for staff? Where should we move?

HOW should we do this? How should we say this? How are we going to be able to make it? How can I keep going? 

However, I want to make the case that of all of the questions we must answer, there is one question that's foundational. There is one question we must answer before all others.

Pastors, the #1 question we must answer is "WHY?"

WHY do I want to do this? WHY do I want this to grow bigger and faster? WHY am I discontent? WHY am I HIGH when the numbers are high and LOW when the numbers are low? WHY am I tempted to substitute what I do FOR God for what I am WITH God? WHY am I jealous? WHY am I angry and bitter? WHY am I discouraged? WHY am I doing this? WHY am I here? WHY are WE here?

The #1 Question we must answer is "WHY?" because answering this one question can help us answer all of the other questions much more rapidly. When we answer the WHY question, the answer usually reveals motivations and issues we wouldn't otherwise recognize. Answering the WHY question could revolutionize our life, our family, our ministry, and our church forever. Answering the WHY question could set us free.

Pastors, today, will you begin with the #1 question you must answer? "Why?"