The differences between, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the differences between an entrepreneur, a manager, and a leader. Here are a few of my thoughts. Obviously, they don't fall into neat little categories. I actually see myself wearing all three hats. However, I do think there are general characteristics of each one.

An Entrepreneur is tends to be a great starter, thinker, strategizer, and is financially savvy; He/she considers organizational success as their primary metric.

A manager tends to be more task oriented and enjoys problem solving. He/she tends to consider tranquility and the lack of problems, noise, conflict, and fires that need to be put out, as success.

A leader is more people oriented; Tends to put others before themselves; Tends to be able to deal with lots of personalities; encourages and resolves conflict well; and in the long run, considers others' successes his/her biggest success. 

Any idea which one I want to be?

What about you?