Becoming a More Collaborative Leader...

I looked up the word collaborate. The best definition I read stated:

"collaborate (v): to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something." 

This definition speaks to the heart of what I believe is the best type of leadership: Collaborative Leadership. 

What are some characteristics of a Collaborative Leader? 

Collaborative leaders recognize that the best decisions are team decisions.

Collaborative leaders don't always need to have the best idea.

Collaborative leaders use meetings to make decisions rather than communicate decisions already made. 

Collaborative leaders ask questions more than they make demands.

Collaborative leaders don't lead every meeting or teach every sermon.

Collaborative leaders focus on developing people, not just using them.

Collaborative leaders often ask the question: "What do you think?"

Collaborative leaders are coachable and teachable, not arrogant and insecure.

Collaborative leaders try to hire people smarter than them rather than hiring YES Men.

What are some alternatives to Collaborative Leadership? 

Dictatorial Leadership; Tyrannical Leadership; Know-It-All Leadership; Blind-Spot Leadership; Deteriorating Leadership. 

Who wants to be that kind of leader?! 

So today, work to become a more collaborative leader.  

Look back through this list and make some adjustments in your conversations and maybe even your future meeting agendas.  

Let me know how it goes!