The Difference Between Great Teams & Average Teams


A staff doesn't make a team but it can become one. This requires a lot of work on our part. Then, there's a difference between an AVERAGE team and a GREAT team. What does it take for a team to become great? Don't overcomplicate it. Only three things are required at the outset: 

Mutual Devotion

A great team filled with team members who are both each mutually devoted to the VISION and to EACH OTHER. It’s frankly not enough to be devoted to the my job description and my numbers. GREAT teams are committed to COLLECTIVE results more than INDIVIDUAL results. Each team member must be just as committed to the other team members and the collective vision, as are they are to God and their particular area of specialization. GREAT teams are mutually devoted to the vision and to each other! 


GREAT teams make decisions together. GREAT teams recognize that the best decisions are collaborative decisions. GREAT teams focus on effective communication, collaboration, coaching, conflict resolution, and cheering each other on.  GREAT teams are teams that are close enough to trust each other’s hearts, even in those times they may disagree with each other. Proximity builds unity.


GREAT teams spend time TOGETHER. GREAT teams aren’t too busy for each other. GREAT teams don’t allow the tyranny of the urgent to get in the way of being together. GREAT teams consistently spend time together. GREAT teams don’t avoid meetings. GREAT teams systemize and prioritize their meeting together. GREAT teams do life regularly outside of the meeting room. GREAT teams enjoy doing life together. Great teams have koinonia: They view each other as brothers and sisters that God has brought together to change the world and they refuse to allow anything to come between them!

How’s your team?

Are you part of a GREAT team or an AVERAGE Team? What are needs to improve the most? Mutual Devotion? Proximity? Consistency? Rate your team and then make a plan to improve the health of your team! Here’s the good news: Healthy things grow! Here’s proof: