The Most Common Question I'm Asked About Vision

In my coaching with leaders, I get asked lots of questions about vision. However, the most common question I’m asked by far is: “How do I convey the vision?”

We have a vision. I know what it’s supposed to be.  But how do I communicate and convey it in a way that everyone understands and embraces it?

Conveying The Vision So Everyone Understands and Embraces It:

Be Consistent.

Fireworks won’t go off every time you talk about the vision. Things will eventually implode if you don’t. Talk about the vision. Then talk about it some more. And then talk about it some more! Talk about it every week… at least! Be consistent.

Be Passionate.

Have you ever watched an infomercial? People are most often persuaded by passion than logic. As a leader we can afford to be wrong now and again. We simply can not afford to be passion-less. Be passionate!

Be Urgent.

As a leader conveying the vision, you must not only convince people that the vision must be done. You have to convince them that the vision must be Why is this vision so important? What’s at stake? What will happen if we don’t pursue this vision? We must call for an immediate response. This vision must be done now...or else...what?! Be urgent.

Be Specific.

The vision must move people to specific action. Never tell people what to do unless you tell them how to do it. If this is the vision, how does each person personalize and possess it. The more personal a vision is stated the more powerful it is.  Be specific.

Be Relentless.

Do not stop talking about this. Refuse to be quiet about this. Refuse to back down on this. Do not give up on this. Don’t allow anything or anyone to get in the way. Don’t let vision drift happen. Don’t allow anyone to hijack the vision. We can have lots of opinions, but we we’re not waffling on the vision. Be relentless!

I include an entire chapter on this subject in my new book for leaders, Be Mean About The Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters.